Jenkins Mountain Challange II JT-Rd3 Final Day

August 07, 2023 JT Norton Season 2 Episode 96
Jenkins Mountain Challange II JT-Rd3 Final Day
Show Notes

Final Day.  Jenkins Mountain Challange II : PDGA B-tier - Fri-Sun, August 4-6, 2023

Final Results for the Event

Special Notes: Andrew Lamont got an ACE on 15 in rd 3 and would go on to slam a monster number down at -10 (1013), his best round of the weekend!

Remaining winners
-29 Cody Bradshaw Winner!
Tied at Second: -28 Matt Hammersten and Eric Dobmeier


MA1: Michael Sevachko

MA40: Justin Shiflett

MA50: Mark Metz 

FA50: Kimberly Adams

MA60: Ed Steele

MA2: Derek Santee

FA2: Lauren Chakalos

MA3: Tommy Landseadel

MA4: Scott King

----- JT's Update  -----
 Round 1 played a 778
 Round 2 played an 849 
 Round 3 played an 851

My round 3 was solid and was controlled and stable. It matched my original personal best I got in round 2 at +4, but I controlled my game a lot better. The misses and mess-ups were simply low experience levels in my game overall, and I can see where improvement is needed.

  The main goal was to throw smart and stay out of ob. I was in recovery mode, trying to save my stats for another day. I started with a bang by changing my approach on Hole One and chunked a KC Rock Pro straight at the basket. I was aiming dead center basket, but my release was a tad high of the release point I wanted. From the tee pad, it held its line and racked the hell out of the flag pole that was on top of the basket—getting a roar from the crowd and my card mates. I would indeed birdie the hole, but it was thrown clean and smart afterward. As the round progressed, I would miss a few throws, but again, it is the understanding that these experiences will give me the knowledge and experience to do better later on. As long as I focus on what I'm doing and be honest with myself that not all discs are defective. 

I would hold my 15 spot, which I knew would be my place today because round 1 did too much damage to bounce back from. I did the numbers, and to move up, I would have had to throw a negative round, but know I do not have that much experience for a course like this.  ... yet!!  

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