Jenkins Mountain Challange II JT-Rd 2 Update

August 06, 2023 JT Norton Season 2 Episode 95
Jenkins Mountain Challange II JT-Rd 2 Update
Show Notes

Jenkins Mountain Challenge II : PDGA B-tier - Fri-Sun, August 4-6, 2023

After Round 2, our Leaders 

MPO: -11 (Total: -21)  Cody Bradshaw ***  Pro round Note:  
    *** Cody is in the 1st position, but Levi Hancock stood his ground and matches him blow for blow, so they have to share it. Levi dropped a monster 2nd Rd score with a -11, bringing him also to -21.  But hold your marker disc ladies and gentlemen; Cody and Levi have NOT knocked Eric Dobmeier out of the picture and they will have to go head-to-head with him on Sunday because we now have a THREE-WAY TIE!!  At -21!! 🔥 

** At -19 with strong 2nd showings Nicholas Carl and Matt Hammersten can jump in and ruin someone's party plans on Sunday. 🥷 


MP50: +3 
 Ty Ange

MA1:  -9 
 Michael Sevachko 

MA40: +2
 Justin Shifflet 

MA50:  -1
 Rick Wilcox 

FA50:  +13
 Kimberly Adams 🌹 

MA60: +3
 James J.T.Thompson III

MA2: -3 / -7
 Derek Santee

FA2: +5
 Lauren Chakalos 🌹 

MA3: -6
 Colin Shay

MA4: +5
 Scott King

----- JT Update  -----
 Round 1 played a 778
 Round 2 played an 849 * 

* Very happy and this is also a personal best for this course by 6 strokes. I have only played this course now 6 times. 😁 

My round 2 was a whole better than Rd 1 and cut 12 strokes off my round 1 score moving up 3 spots. The 1st round was too bad to be able to place decent for the tournament, but if I can correct a few poor disc choices and avoid some repeat bad judgment calls, I should be able to bump up another spot or two. I'm just trying to save my stats at this point. If I can avoid OB and play a bit smarter par is possible. 

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