Jenkins Mountain Challange II 2023 JT-Rd 1 update

August 05, 2023 JT Norton Season 2 Episode 94
Jenkins Mountain Challange II 2023 JT-Rd 1 update
Show Notes

Round 1 update 

Jenkins Mountain Challenge II : 

PDGA B-tier - Fri-Sun, August 4-6, 2023

 Jenkins Mountain Disc Golf Jenkins Mountain Challenge II 2023 Professional Disc Golf Association B-tier

 JT Update  Round 1 played a 778 

 My round 1 was a dumpster fire,  but congrats to my card for playing an awesome round. Lauren, Kim, and Anthony playing with ya'll is an honor. 

On the other hand, I could not stay away from OB (out of bounds) !!  I have played this course five other times and never had an issue with OB here. I'm beyond frustrated with myself. It was a mess of a game; I can't seem to get a handle on it. I will look to settle this mess down today and stay away from OB at least. 

My Round Two Saturday will begin at 9:45 a.m. I will work just to stay in bounds. I know I have not been playing long, but still, I'm better than the crap I threw Friday.

After Round 1, our Leaders 

MPO: -12 

Eric Dobmeier 

Pro round Note:  Eric would Par 2, 6, 8, 11, 15, and 16. Yes that means everything else was birds!!   He's got some work to do to hold the lead because Matt Hammersten is sitting at -11 and Cody Bradshaw and also LeviHancock are sitting at -10! 

MP50: +3 

Ty Ange

MA1: -6 

Mark Gibson

MA40: -2 

Justin Shifflet 

MA50: -1 

Rick Wilcox 

FA50: +15 

Kimberly Adams

MA60: +11

James J.T.Thompson

MA2: -3

Derek Santee

FA2: +5

Lauren Chakalos

MA3: -2

Tommy Landseadel

MA4: +5

Kevin Nayman


Sorry partnerships are looking to do better for all today. 

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